1- Question: How and when do I get paid?
      Answer: All Payments are made to our Referrers once we are hired (Written Contract & deposit) and you will be paid by PAYPAL only.

2- Question: How much do I get paid for the referral
     Answer: For Karaoke Events 20%, Parties/Events 10%, Weddings 15% of the total fee. (ex. Karaoke- hired $300, 20%= $60 Referral Agent; Party/Event- hired $700, 10%= $70 Referral Agent; Wedding- Hired $1,000, 15%= $150 Referral Agent)

3- Question: How can I be sure I'll get paid for my referrals?
      Answer: The person you refer must mention your name at the initial phone call or you the referral agent must call or email us prior to our contact with the potential client.   This automatically make this your sale, which will be recorded on the intial written contract right away. Once the contract is completed, you will receive a copy via email. So regardless if the client decides not to go with us one minute then has a change of heart, you will be paid accordingly.

4- Question: Is there a cap to how much I can make?
     Answer: No, you can make as much as you like to make!

5- Question: Do I have to Live in the New York Area to be apart of this program?
     Answer: No, you just have to live in the United States. (You can live in the state of Georgia and refer a person anywhere in the U.S.) as long as we hire them, you will be compensated as promised.

6- Question: Is this employment or am I an independent contractor?
     Answer: No, this is not a job. You work as little or much as you want and you are paid only for the referrals of yours that we hire. This is a simple referral program. The rules are simple and we ask that you follow them or we're forced to remove you from the program.

7- Question: What are the rules?
    Answer: 1- You understand that you are not an employee of D.D.O Entertainment. 2- You do not misrepresent the company in any kind of manner. 3- Any advertising you decide to do on behalf of the company, must be approved by D.D.O Entertainment. 4- You are not allowed under any circumstances to neigotiate any deals on behalf of the company. You're only allowed to refer the client to D.D.O Entertainment

8- Question: If I refer a person to join the Referral Program, will I be compensated for they're work as well?
     Answer: Unfortunately no, we do not have an override program in place at the moment

9- Question: Is there an age limit?
    Answer: Yes, you must be 18 or older in order to participate in the Referral Program

10- Question:Do you offer TIPS for us to help us get quality leads?
       Answer: YES, you will receive it in your welcome package