About Us

Dust'n Dreamz Off Entertainment (D.D.O.E) is a company formed by two NYC natives in 2011. Karriem Smith (DJ Coach K) from the Bronx and Terrance Howard (DATNGRP) from Harlem who met in the Bronx as adolestents and have been throwing parties since the late 80's.

As adults it was only natural to combine those talents that proved successful as teens. With DJ Coach K aka "The Mix Monster" keeping crowds intriqued with creative blends and cominations and DATNGRP who seemed to posses a gift for communication and D.D.O.E was formed.

D.D.O.E is here to not only fulfill their dreams, but to create a lane for future stars to shine. In any genre of music or field of entertainment. As they have added new DJ's to the roster in 2014, for DDO Entertainment is on a steady pace of prosperity. Karriem & Terrance felt it was only right to share the weath!

D.D.O.E are experts with organizing and entertainment for parties (private, business, birthdays) mixers, networking events, wedding receptions, social gatherings, bar mitzvas, clubs, showcases, venues or anything you're trying to accomplish in an event or celebration asspect. D.D.O.E also provides showcases for new talent.

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