Hip Hop Fights Diabetes is a non-profit organization who's mission is to bring awareness through educating people on preventative measures of diet, testing/knowing family history and exercise. We want to educate adults but also kids and teens who make up over 200,000 of the new cases each year. That it effects AAs greatly (Second tops in disease behind HIV and the cause of many underlined health issues affecting the African American community) and Hispanics the most but also Asians or any group of people in poor communities with poor diets. It can be inherited. Is tops in lost of limbs in people who were not in accidents or tram situations.

Affected by this Disease in the DDOE Family is Terrance Howard & Skip (DJ E-Z Rock) Bryce who are both dianosed with Diabetes and Karriem (DJ Coach K) Smith who heads the division DJ's against Diabetes, lost his grandmother Beatrice (Nee Nee) Sumpter to Diabetes in 1991.

So it is our mission to educate one and all about this nasty disease that affects over 25.8 million children and adults in the United States alone!

Even known celebrities such as Halle Berry, B.B. King, Drew Carey, Delta Burke, Dick Clark, Jay Cutler, James "BUSTER" Douglas, Walt "CLYDE" Fraizer, Smoking Joe Fraizer, Billie Jean King, Curt Fraizer, Johnny Cash, James Brown, Phife Dawg (A Tribe Called Quest), Areatha Franklin, Jerry Garicia, Randy Jackson, Ghost face Killa, Tommy Lee, Elivs, Angie Stone! ALL HAVE OR HAD DIABETES. THE LIST GOES ON. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! GET TESTED TODAY!

For all those who'd like to help fight this cause you can go join our mailing list for free for our upcoming monthly newsletter and/or make a one time donation of either $10.99 to receive the exclusive mixtape "The Monster Mash" by The Mix Monster- DJ Coach K. Which DJ Coach K considers a DJ's masterpiece & a listeners Dream!

All donations are greatly accepted and will be used soley to help fight this nasty disease called Diabetes! Click the Donation button solely for Donations only and click add to cart below to order "The Monster Mash!"

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